Last Night’s Look for less


I follow model and TV personality Kristen Taekman on Instagram.

I love many of the looks she sports in her blog “Last Night’s Look”.

The designer ensembles are really really expensive and often gone by the time I get to the seller’s websites.

Here’s a little secret:

A British site true to size and made of less expensive materials.

Boots are faux suede ” vegan”. They fit great!

Coats are not wool or cashmere but who cares? The styles change so often for women that buying an “investment coat” makes little sense.

Here’s my version:
(of course I chopped my head off #notamodel #hatemyneck)

(I have a new respect for models. These “effortless” poses are tough. Bend my knee AND tilt my hip forward?! My husband was a champ to be my photographer.)


Coat & boots from
White tank and trousers from NY&Co
Necklace hand knitted by a friend

I have another “look” coming…waiting on the dress from across the pond.

Image snapshot from kristentaekman on Instagram.


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