What’s in my grocery cart?


Somersizing, what does it look like?

Some Veg, like lettuce

Anyone from the 1990s would be horrified:

SOUR CREAM (instead of carbo yogurt)

It works.


It keeps the insulin levels down.

My body doesn’t have to ask my liver to create new fat in my body.

Going from size 12 to 4 does not lie.

Shop the perimeter.

Include eggs, cheese, meat, cream (not milk-sugary).

But steer clear of roots and taters.


One thought on “What’s in my grocery cart?

  1. I see we shop at Safeway. I too have discussed the merits of yogurt with a lady friend who wanted to loose weight. I questioned the carbs in yogurt comparing it to ice cream for breakfast. She insisted that the Greek yogurt with high protein was good for her. After six months she did express dismay that while we ate the same things she was gaining weight and I was loosing weight.

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