The ELF Xmas tree how to


I love the Xmas tree in the movie ELF.

Here’s how to make it with flowers:

*Xmas tree 7-9′
*300 gold led lights (amazon)
    (200 white ok too)
*4-6  poinsetta bushes (Michaels)
*Michaels app (40% off coupon)
*1-2 gold large ornament sets (Home Depot)
*1 dozen small brushed gold ornaments (Walmart, TJMaxx)
*tin snips or wire cutters

*1 dozen white ornaments
*6 disco ball ornaments

1. Put on lights


2. Cut the poinsetta bushes with tin snips to separate the flowers
2b. Put poinsettas on tree diagonally about 6″ down for each row.
(You may not have to decorate the back)


3. Infill blank spots with large ornaments. Be sure to put large ornaments near top and middle as well as base.

3b. Infill with small ornaments and put the disco ball ornaments nearer the trunk and near a light in the middle.


“Byeee Buddy…”
“Bye Mr. Narwhal…”


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