Being Rothko for an afternoon


I finally took the plunge and bought some artsy things at Walmart.

Friday afternoon I painted something other than a house to sell for the first time in 31 years.

It felt great.

I let my mind and hands experiment with canvas and acrylics.

“I wonder if this is what Rothko was thinking as he painted…”

‘Ugh, I wiped off too much. Dang, this colour won’t stick! This will NEVER dry! Oh! That looks cool!’

After the test canvas, I created the one above as my first ode to Rothko (Ode #1). I learned that scrubby towels are excellent tools and that even for a mini canvas, I will need more paint.

Rothko’s background music was classical.

Mine was a Hallmark Christmas movie.

At some point, I may find my own original style.

And a better muse.

For now, flattery of my favs.


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