Easy First Class Treatment


Only some of our travels get upgraded to nicey nice. Now that I know, I’m passing the secrets onto you.

First Class Treatment often includes:

*early boarding
*free drinks while others board
*room for all carryons
*hanging up your coat/jackets
*hot towels for clean hands
*choice of meals
*hot cookie, post meals

and this nicety:
*hot nuts before meals

Now you can create the things that go on “behind the curtain”.

Treat yourself or a loved one to this nice treat anytime. I love to do this one for my husband when he gets home after a long work day. (“Well now you’re just SPOILING him!”) Of course I am, it’s fun and he’s always surprised and appreciative.

1 small ramekin (Walmart or amazon has)
Nuts from Costco (really high quality $14/2 lbs)

Zap nuts in microwave for 45 seconds

Serve with beer or wine.

Note: if you are in weight loss or Somersize mode, don’t eat these or drink alcohol 😦 until you are in maintenance, then, very occasionally.


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