“Life with an artist”


When I was little, I was an ‘artist’ in the classic sense. I drew, painted and thought for sure I would grow up to be a vet AND an artist at the same time.

What I didn’t know then was that there is no single finish line.
*poof*, you’re a scientist
OR *poof* you’re an artist.

We have various start and finish lines and often they overlap. I drew and painted through high school, then stopped when my brain became concentrated on science. Years later, I could barely draw stick figures.

But I could write.

And I loved it.

A few years before retiring from petroleum geoscience, I began writing
jayhatesfood.blogspot.com to vent about my struggle with food allergies and trying to be vegan.

Then I found my passion- personal finance, aging well, and the spirit. I love Suze Orman and Suzanne Somers; suzewannabe.com was born.

Each morning before work, I wrote.

Whenever I had a lunch break or coffee break from interpreting seismic or well logs I wrote.

My ideas come in floods and I have to write them down.

A few weeks ago on a rainy Saturday, my husband and I were having lunch and I was finishing my coffee -deep into writing.

I looked up.

He had that “ready?” look.

“Oh! What TIME is it?!” I said

“Life with an artist.” He shook his head.

An artist!

I beamed.

That’s me!


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