Cyber Monday sucked this year


Good deals?

Not enough to wait until Monday after US Thanksgiving. (I distinguish for my Canadian friends).

The selection was wiped out by Sunday (boots size 9 “bootpocalypse“, clothes Small-Medium sizes, gone).

The boots in my Macy’s cart gone by Sunday night. Notice size 9 of grey boot “greyed out”. Argggg.

Lesson learned:
Shop on Thanksgiving online or the day after.

Don’t wait until Cyber Monday.

The deals didn’t get better on Cyber Monday this year (Talbot cashmere sweaters same as last week).

The annoying show “Extra” did a segment on Cyber deals, suggesting and “high end” items. So, I went to compare and found Jimmy Choo boots from 3+ years ago.

Outdated wedge boots anyone?

With the discount, they’re *only* about $800. Hmmm..for that I could get the newer style Stuart Weizman’s at


Why would I spend $800 on boots?


How about you?

Any luck on Cyber Monday this year?

Image screenshots from Macy’ and


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