Sleep in. Black Friday Online


If there is a specific item you’ve been waiting to go on sale, consider browsing online on Thanksgiving- when everyone is on a pie coma: that’s when Black Friday starts online.

No store worker will have to work in the store, and perhaps no one will have to fill the order that day (you can always put something in your cart and wait until Friday).

Sleep on it.

No crazy lines.

Shipped right to your door.

You might even wait until Cyber Monday to click “purchase”.

And in the end, you may even change your mind and not “need” it after all.

For me, there’s always the quest to replace my favourite black cashmere Prive’ sweater that now has armpit holes and has been discontinued.

Macy’s Charter Club brand pills quickly and are poor quality and JosA sweaters I got last year have a “manly” stitch around the neck and are now listed on Tradesy.

Talbot’s are nice, look feminine and don’t pill.

And they are half off.

And come in ice blue now.


I can’t decide.


Or Blue.

I think I’ll sleep on it some more…

Image modified from a screencap of Talbot’


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