Big city to small town


Retirement is several years off but we’re entertaining the idea of selling property 1 of 2 in big city for retirement property 1 in small town.

I have lived in the city most of my life but did live part of it in smaller towns, including the one “Jesse Pinkman” lived in. We didn’t live there at the same time but he makes it cool and novel.

Everyone knew everyone.

And everyone’s business.

And the clothes shopping was limited.

I say “seemed” because once we got to the “big city” of Boise or Kansas City or Spokane, we did some clothes shopping (not the stuff of movies though).

Years later, enter the internet:
Talbot’ (shoes) (accessories) (accessories) (shoes)

Most of the time, I can find what I need online and have found the clothes and styles that fit. And if not, the returns are usually free- sometimes I will order 2 sizes, keep what fits and return the other.

I have learned that even in the nation’s 4th largest city, shopping can be a hassle looking for the right size in stock.

(Remember bootpocalypse? No size 9, anywhere except amazon – hey, I know my feet are big…)

We walked around Sedona’s uptown to check out the shops yesterday. I found 2 shops with some cute and affordable things I would wear that you won’t find elsewhere. There were others but I wanted to keep the torturing of my husband to a minimum (note pic above).

I’ll still subscribe to Vogue and Marie Claire because I love the artistic editorials and it gives me ideas to put what I already have together in ways I hadn’t thought of before.

In addition, this is a tourist town, so the population will vary during the seasons.

Besides, if I really MUST have some bigger city shopping, Prescott is only 40 minutes away.

I’ll know I’ll have become a local when I naturally say “PRESS cut” (like “biscuit”) instead of ‘PRESS cot”.

For now, I just cayn’t, y’all.


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