“I’m retired too” at 102


My Gramma is 102 today.

I know she’s been watching the Today show for eons, so I figured I would catch her in the AM at home before she got whisked away for lunch.

I think I should write a little book called “Cute Sh*t My Gramma Says”

For example

“Well, you’re as sweet as a cranberry.”  (I’m sweet but I do have some sour in me and I love Vinegar Pie).

“He’s a nice feller, huh?”

“Close your little PEEpers!”

“When I last heard from you, you were just a little tag.”

“Well, that’s the way we do and so forth, you know.”

When asked her secret to a long life “I keep hangin’ around to see what they’ll come up with next!”

102 years!

Can you imagine all she has seen?

talking movies, WWI, electricity, telephones, cars, the right to vote, WWII, freeways, television, Suburbia, Space, Moon Landing, prevention for Polio and Influenza, Antibiotics, computers, plastics, Jazz, Rock, Civil Rights, Disco, Rap, HipHop, the internet, iPads, smartphones, Facetime.

To name a few.

She has always been funny, cracking jokes here and there.

I think I will call her each week just to hear her say funny things.

She asked “what’s new?”

I said “Well, I’m retired and I love it!”

I asked her the same.

She said “Well, I’m retired too! I eat chocolates all day and loaf around!”


Image modified from phraseology project.com


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