Caffeine, Coffee, Cold Chihuahua


It’s been a week sans caffeine and I’m getting used to it.

Friday, I had lunch at another writer’s hidey hole and asked for decaf.

Near the end of the meal, the server switched and brought me regular coffee. In about 5 minutes I began to shake and quiver

Like a cold chihuahua.

I felt like I had been given an epi shot.

It lasted for hours.

I had been drugged.

My plan from now on?

Ask for hot water and bring my decaf Starbucks Vias with me.

Perro pobrecito!

Image “puppy chihuahua” modified from olovedog courtesy of


One thought on “Caffeine, Coffee, Cold Chihuahua

  1. Don’t know how made it this far girl! I’ve tried this before and after three days my husband was trying to pick me up off the floor! Good luck with your mission! 🙂

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