A life rich with friends



I love doing it when I’m well and feeling myself.

With a head cold, sore throat and knowledge of the death of my friend’s English teacher in Paris moments before guests arrived, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through the day.

We had planned the event for months and it meant so much to my husband.

I dried my tears and greeted our friends.

They brought food and wine and more food. And began to set things up without me interfering.

You see, 6 months ago I put on a HUGE barbeque for about 20 for my husband’s company and an overseas company. I knew that the most important thing was to make them all comfortable to discuss business. It was an incredible amount of work and I felt great and had a lot if energy that day.

Yesterday, when everyone pitched in and set out food, I felt like George Bailey at the end of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. My mind was not clear, I had very little energy and there they all were, helping and doing.

I tried various cold meds but was still so achy that I had to stop my Somersizing and have some vodka and caffeine free diet coke for the pain.

It allowed me to relax, not think of my sore throat or grief about the English teacher.

When everyone was gone, I allowed myself to sink into the soft chair and grieve.

And feel richly blessed with our friends.

It’s a Wonderful Life.1946.RKO Pictures


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