Getting my Sam Moon fix


Sam Moon

There’s no other place like it.

Affordable Accessories out the wazoo.

I just can’t spend $35-100 on a non-cashmere scarf.

They had “cashmere feel” scarf for $6 each and they are SO SOFT. And a “cool girl” shredded scarf for $8. Winter beanies for $5.

I just loved spending a leisurely hour roaming about, looking at everything.

Luxurious not to rush or be with weekend crowds.

Here’s my winter haul:
1 bling beanie hat
2 cashmere-feel scarves
1 fashion shred scarf
1 gold sparkle scarf (seasonless- can wear like a necklace)
1 silver sparkle scarf (ditto)
1 clutch

I NEED sparkle and bling (I’m Texan after all, y’all…)

$49.77 including tax.

Let’s just see what a Burberry scarf goes for…




FON (Fall Over Now)

That’s a mortgage payment for many.

Work full time?

Head over to Sam Moon’s website on your lunch hour instead and get the look for a lot less:

And guys, I did look for stuff for you. Under Men’s were wallets, but you could rock the cashmere feel scarves. Yea!

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