Decaf? The hell you say


I have been addicted to coffee since age 3.

Before you call the police on my parents, it was “coffee milk”- a sweetened, milk-rich version of a latte after church.

If you would have said “latte” in the 70’s, I’m fairly certain you would have been punched.

In Jr. High, I needed some caffeine to get ready in the AM at 530. 5 people, 1 bathroom: we had a schedule.

In high school and college vats of coffee kept me going, studying into the wee hours to earn my masters in science.

While working at my corporate job, it got and kept me going.

Now, DECAF? really?

After the advice from Suzanne Somers, my beacon of hope for aging well, I’m having DECAF in the AM.

I hadn’t even THOUGHT of Starbucks for it.

Here’s how:
1. Buy fresh beans at Starbucks (or order online). I got Sumatra
2. Have them grind to “French Press”
3. Keep the bag sealed tight
4. Heat water to 200-I have a Cuisinart water boiler for tea and coffee, but you can boil, then wait for water to stop boiling.
5. I like strong coffee, so I use 1/3 C in a large 4 cup French Press
6. Pour in water
7. Stir and let it sit 2 minutes
8. Plunge the French press.
9. Pour into your cup
10.  Put some butter and stevia in the cup. Nom nom.

Down 1.4 lbs this morning.
And I actually got to eat yesterday.


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