Food combining- Does it work?


I’m currently reading Suzanne Somer’s book “Get Skinny” which explains “Somersizing” or food-combining. The idea is, that as we are exposed to a lot of carbs and/or age, we become insulin resistant.

I suspect that I was insulin resistant at age 6 because of 2 things: genetic blood sugar problems and that I only wanted to eat macaroni and milk. Those foods were comforting to me and meat was hard to chew.

Here are the combos:
Fat+protein+low carb veg (eggs, butter, sausage, bacon, low carb veggies)

Fruit-alone. Wait 1 hour before eating anything else. I’m too afraid to try it for now.

Carbs: toast+fat free cottage cheese or fat free yogurt and low carb veggies. Again, afraid.

Dairy that is OK:
Butter, cream, sour cream, cheese

Dairy off limits:
Milk, most yogurt

Foods off limits in phase 1:
Honey, molasses, agave, syrups
Processed foods

So, here I am at the beginning of another experiment: eating the “Somersize” way. Eating fats and protein with some low glycemic veggies. Butter lettuce and broccoli sound good as do peppers and diced tomato.

I ate a breakfast of scrambled butter eggs with butter lettuce as “breakfast tacos”. See the theme?

Butter. Oh yes.

Then,  midmorning snack of cheese with butter lettuce as a sandwich. I’m pleasantly full.

This is weird.

A weekend of vodka and fries and key lime pie put on 2 lbs, so, now I have 10 lbs to get back down to Maintenence.


And she wants me to GIVE UP CAFFEINE.


I will try it for a week.

If I GAIN weight, I will know that my body really IS from another planet and go back to starving.

X fingers.

I will keep you posted.

Weight to lose:10
Energy Level:Good


One thought on “Food combining- Does it work?

  1. I tried food combining after I read Marilu Henner’s Total Makeover. I didn’t really notice much difference, but I can see how this may work for some people. Interesting post. Very informative!

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