Salad with a stick of butter please


I may be the only person who got fat being vegan.

I always wondered why until I started reading Suzanne Somer’s book “Get Skinny” wherein she discusses important food combinations.

Mainly natural fats like butter or oil in combination with protein and low-starch veggies.

I had been doing the fats with meat and lost 35 lbs doing it., but the last 5-7 from New Zealand are hanging around and I face starvation again or trying something new.

I’m trying something new.

1T fat plus a protein plus leafy greens at each meal.

I’m so used to skipping meals that this will be weird for me.

Here’s my plan for next week:
Coffee with butter and stevia
2 eggs

Lamb burger sliders with butter lettuce and butter

Some meat or eggs with butter and leafies

No alcohol until the weight comes off.

Weird territory for me eating.

I was totally unashamed to ask for a side of butter at a restaurant when I realised the tuna had very little fat.

I felt like people were staring.

“Glenda! Oh mah gawd. Did you SEE thuh pile a buttah she gawt?!”

I don’t care.

I’m rocking my pleather pants today, so neaaa..



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