A big thank you to one of my readers


A big shout out thank you today to the reader who signed up for Bounce Energy and used my referral code!

Gracias! Thank you! Merci’!

I got our electricity bill in the mail and it was a mere $18!


And I thought writing didn’t pay 😉

Check your electric bill. We were paying 11.5 cents per kilowatt hour, now we are paying 8.5.

Every little bit helps and each amount saved on necessities means we can give more to those in need- Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 7!

For every “like” Bounce Energy gets on FB,  and new follower on Twitter, they donate $0.50 to Bo’s Place- a bereavement center in Houston named after “Bo”, a 12 year old boy who died of liver cancer.

Gulp. Something catching in my throat. Mist in my eyes now.

Lower your rate today here:


Refer a friend code for you:

God Bless.

Read more about Bo’s place here:

Image modified from bosplace.org


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