Mrs. Stylist


I love being a homemaker in addition to being a writer and genealogist. 

One new part of my life that I invented for myself is “husband stylist”.

For my readers who know him, don’t get all excited. No dyed purple hair or nose rings, I promise. He’s got the age-appropriate handsome office exec look down, so that won’t change. 😀

I saw an ad from Express and thought ” hmm.. My guy would rock that look!” not “I want to change my guy”. Why would I do that?

And let’s face it, with working full-time, commuting, travelling the world and running a ranch, he doesn’t have time.

But I do.

And so it began.

My fledgling entre into styling my guy if he was willing to go along with me.

I have loved watching stylist Clinton Kelly do his magic for people over many years. He helped the few men who were on  “What Not To Wear”. Remember the guy with the mustard “Hammerpants” named “mango man”?

We certainly don’t have THAT situation at home but I thought this could be kind of fun.

While at the beauty school salon getting my hair done, I picked up GQ magazine to see if that would give me some ideas. Nothing koo koo like a kilt or manpurse. Just nice things for casual days away from the office or out on one of our dinner dates. He always looks great and maybe he would welcome additional options outside office wear.

I first went to and didn’t find the right size. Then, an add in in GQ, still not much luck. I also looked at and


Then I tried and thought, hmm..similar. So, after my hair was done, I zipped over to Kohls, chose 3 similar jackets in the same size, used my mega couponing, and brought them home for him to try.

They were all too big but he did like the style of one of them.

The next day, I returned 2 and exchanged one. It looks great on him.

It was really easy for me to do this during the weekday, when he doesn’t have time or interest in clothing stores. I enjoy seeing the smile on his face when he feels loved on like that.

If you work full time but want to try it, get ideas at or

You can take a screenshot of what you see, then look to replicate it at Express even has “buy this look” to help you.

Some easy tips:
*no more than 3 solid colours
*easy combos
I created some in the Polyvore app to show you:

1. Top all same color, pants different
2. Inside shirt and pants same color, jacket different
3. All one color “monochrome”
4. Classics like Blue jeans, white tee, black jacket
5. Mix casual and dressy (black jeans with black dress shoes, Sportcoat with a tee)


*no mustard ever
*toss out anything “pilled”
*small prints are neutrals
*don’t combine prints unless you know what you’re doing (print school in a future post)
*most guys do not like sweaters (sorry, Clinton, Houston is not NY)
*avoid horizontal stripes
*avoid theme prints like boats or fish-those are for toddlers

Check out these affordable retailers:


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