A writer’s hidey-holes


Writer’s hidey holes

I’m finding a few new places besides the condo downtown where I like to write. There’s a Bistro near the museums where I can get a low carb turkey burger and a coffee and listen to Sinatra-like music.

The patio overlooks a pretty, oak-lined parking park.

And this time of year, the leaves are turning.

And the lot is full.

People lingering and the end of lunch or touring.

In Houston it’s hard to know if someone is a tourist or lives here. I can hear 8 languages in a single day.

Lately, I have lost my writing muse and when that happens, I need to get out of the apartment and “go somewhere”.

Today it’s my fav Bistro in the Museum District and the Photography Center.

I can hardly wait to see what I learn new today.


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