I’m no Martha Stewart


Another foray into home decor and I realise I have much to learn.

I thought a wooden wreath from Marshalls would be cool and interchangeable for some seasons.

Clip on spiders, pumpkins and some ribbon should do it.

Here’s how it really went:

Bought wood wreath for $24. Yes!
Bought spiders and pumpkins for about $10.

Put up wreath with attached sticker and plastic price tag.

It crashed and broke 3 times.

Bought glue. $3

Fixed wreath.

Bought black ribbon $3. Watched free YouTube video on how to tie it. Used cilantro wire to hold it.

Attempted to “clip” spiders and pumpkins on. Had to use picture wire. $3.

So, my “inexpensive” wreath cost $43.

I’m not so impressed with that.

Let’s see how the Thanksgiving/Harvest one goes.

You may find me on the clearance aisle of “At Home” this week.


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