Life after wine


This is me, a few years and 40 lbs ago.

Wine makes me fat and hurts me.

While on vacation in NZ, I had another horrible allergic reaction to wine.

My abdomen distended to the size of a huge watermelon and I was in ER-level pain because of the gut seizures.

“Gut seizures?! You’re making that UP!’

Nope. It’s been filmed during one of 9 surgeries.

The gut has a “reptilian brain” and it is as prone to seizures as the brain in our heads.

I thought it might be ok to have some wine on vacation in one of THE wine centers of the world (Marlborough, NZ).

A Pinot Rose’ from Marlborough. A semi-sweet reisling from Ontago.

3 glasses over a few hours should be ok, right?


Dear God in heaven.

Pain level 10.

Writhing on the floor of an elegant hotel room crying.

At least until the yeast allergy is under control, I am done with wine

I’m kind of grieving the wine part of my life.

I have some fond memories of discovering wine with my husband – uncovering all the various combinations of scents and flavours.

Tobacco and roses.
Gooseberry and apricots.
Chocolate and leather.

Mostly while the sun was setting. It was so relaxing and romantic. Years ago, we were both financially recovering from divorce, our first  “vacation” was 2 weeks at my then boyfriend’s ranch on a “wine tour” up the coast of the Western US.

One of my more clever ideas, we bought 2 weeks worth of white and red wine and had a different “location” each night accompanied with small plate wine food. It was heaven AND SO MUCH FUN!

I even had pink champs on our wedding day and it was fabulous.

But, my body has revolted.

So, now what?

During the day, it’s easy. I can do my gourmet coffee thing.

Nights out are far more difficult but the year before my surgery taught me to how to relax and have fun without it- even when all my friends are sheets to the wind. They are actually quite funny.

But it IS still embarrassing to be the one at a wine bar or fine restaurant and order a vodka and diet coke. I look like an unsophisticated dweeb doing so. And I want to crawl under the table when the server tells me “Madam, (where’s my cane?!), Madam, we don’t SERVE hard liquor here…” in the “you town drunk” tone.

My husband lamented the other day “when can you drink wine again?”

It was something we shared and studied, discussing the delicate notes of various types and years. We bonded over it.

“I suppose when it doesn’t make me fat or send me to the ER. I can still have a drinkie poo with you, just ‘Wodka’ and caffeine-free diet coke is all.”

Sigh πŸ˜₯

Alcohol is an excellent drug. The mind gets off the treadmill and everything seems rosier.

So, now what?

With much trial and error and putting on and taking off of pounds, I have found a drink that I can have once in a while:

Potato vodka on the rocks with caffeine free diet coke maybe 1-2 times a week.

It’s not sophisticated but it doesn’t leave me sideways.

This is me today. Thinner and feeling better! Notice my new phone (L) is the size of my clutch from years ago…



4 thoughts on “Life after wine

  1. Looking absolutely fabulous! Wine is a waste. Wish I would give it up for my Waist! Too many calories for me πŸ˜„πŸ‘!

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