Leave something in you online cart and get a coupon


Let’s face it, I rely on Buzzfeed.com app for my “news” because the real news depresses and upsets me. Oprah hasn’t watched real news in decades and she is a happier person for it.

I follow her lead.

Think about how behind the real news is.

“Carl, have you SEEN this swell thing called ‘The Snapchat’ !? It’s so FLEEK!”

I’m pretty if you are over age 14, you cannot say ‘FLEEK’, and by tomorrow, the word will have changed to ‘DANK’ anyhow. (Reports are coming in from my friends that their teenage kids have begun to speak like Marty McFly: ‘Mom, that’s so DANK!’ I advised her to retort with ‘Like TRIPINDICULAR, son?’)

It’s a unisyllabic uncoolness minefield out there now.

Buzzfeed will keep you ‘in the know’.

For example, leaving something in your online cart can generate a coupon at online places like Macy’s.com and many others.

You need to sign in to your fav online shopping spot, like jcp.com, and put something in your cart so that they know where to send the enticing email with coupon.

Shoe Disclaimer:
If you’re shopping for hard-to-find shoes and are ladies size 9, don’t do this (remember bootpocalypse and no cute boots in New Zealand posts…)

Check it out:


It may be the coolest thing you do today.


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