The Hookup


Hookup – no, not some seedy Grindr app action.

Hookup, as in you have a pal “on the inside of a shop who has your back”.

Gets you great deals.

Applies ALL possible coupons and discounts with pleasure.

The stuff of legends.

It happened to me 2 days in a row in 2 of my fav clothing stores.

Day 1-My “basics” store – jeans, camis, tanks, and trendy bling that looks expensive but isn’t.

Most things were on sale for 30% off AND I got personalized help from a busy saleswoman.

After finding some things that fit well, I pulled up the store on the Retail-me-not app and found a discount code. The cashier was happy to apply it and an EXTRA 30% came off.

Then, I had SAVINGS FEVER and applied for the store card. Another discount of 15%. (I rarely sign up for these unless buying in bulk, then tend not to use them because now I don’t NEED credit and I could give a hang about my score. But that is for a future post).

In all, everything I bought was 58% off. (Shouldn’t it be 75%? Mind you, some stuff was clearance and already 70% off, so some bits did not apply. I’m talking great pieces for $4.75, $7.42).

In addition, I received $90 in coupons to spend next month and the secret to using them. “Use them on buy one get one” she said.

Ah hah!

That evening, I showed my great finds to my husband. He was astounded. “You got all THAT for $?It’s like they’re PAYING you to take their clothes home!”

And that night, I made a Tradesy sale. Woop!

Day 2: Higher-end store. I was targeted- looking for a dress for my husband’s 30th work anniversary luncheon celebration. (In my mind, we’re only 35, so he started as a child-genius scientist at age 5….).

Personalised attention upon entering the store. I made the salesladies laugh by poking fun of my Casper-like complexion. “The only colour I can’t wear is oatmeal. I put in on and it’s like camouflage ‘where’d she go?'”

They were in stitches.

The senior saleswoman/stylist working with me had learned the lingo of stylist Stacey London,  which came in handy on dresses I didn’t like on me. Staceyese takes the fault off the person and clothes, so that nothing’s wrong with your body, but that just a particular design does not fit or have the correct proportion for you.

Blame the clothes!

This is true even for runway models as I learned watching Project Runway. Designers get so upset when they have to switch models because now the proportion and drape changes ever so slightly and looks off.

Saleswoman in Staceyese: “Tell me your thoughts about this one.”

Me in Staceyese on dress 2: “I’m seeing a lot of horizontal here and here and am not sure the proportion works for me being so tall. Also, it might be a bit short for the luncheon. I felt much more confident in dress 1 (grey dress).”

I fell in LOVE with the grey midi dress and a pair of neoprene and leather mule pumps.

Now for the hookup:
20% on sale
5% free membership discount

And a postcard coupon for $20 off that she wrangled into the sale with an “I got you”  look which never happened in that store before.

What had changed?

Was this a result of the “Supermoon”?

Getting rid of the ” Usher” boxes that had weighed me down with grief and rejection?


I was no longer carrying that burden and my energy was probably approachable instead of stressed.

It made replenishing some of my wardrobe that I have been selling on Tradesy so much fun.

I look forward to trying hookup shopping again next month when my clothing budget resets.

BTW, our monthly clothing and personal items budget is a fixed amount so that we each have fun money and don’t stress about it. It’s based upon Dave Ramsey’s budget guideline of 4% plus some toiletries and personal items. We each have 6% in mad money since we are debt free.


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