Reading Chinese


Neither my husband nor I can read Chinese yet. I know a few characters like “exit” and “shops” (go figure).

In the states, I can’t imagine not being able to read and write. And then I go to China.

It’s like it’s all in Chinese or something…

Sometimes, when speaking,  I’m afraid I will mess up and call someone a “beautiful chicken” or worse. Those whose first language is Chinese feel the same about English and are even more afraid to make a mistake. One thing I have learned is that if you just try another language around the world, people will be amazed and helpful and kind. Few will attempt to correct you unless you ask for correction.

On our Guilin river trip, we both told a story of the characters in the fan above
Have another look at it..

starting on the left and going down, then the second column.

“Ice cream
For the people
Is on the table

Dance around the Maypole
Frolic in the Spring
Get a Jedi fighter plane
*see footnote below”

My husband:
“Once upon a time, a ballerina
Did the Hokey Pokey
And turned her self about

And vacuumed
Until her husband came for her

The smallest, silliest things can make us laugh.

Here’s to all those goofy moments in life:



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