The lights of Guilin


Guilin, China

Home to the iconic karst mountains and a beautiful night river cruise.

My inner child was thrilled at the vast array of highly decorated bridges, performance artists, and stunning night illumination of buildings, plants and bridges.

Eco Nazis might have pitched a fit at all the lights but it reminded me so of Christmas.

And my heart swelled.

I got to thinking “we don’t NEED the pretty lights at night, so why do humans do it?”

It’s comforting.

Makes us less afraid of the dark and not so alone.

What would life be like without art?



Like modern airports lit by natural and dim CFL lights.



“Remember when we would go into buildings and actually be able to SEE?”

“Ah, yes, the brighter days…”

Don’t misunderstand, I’m all for saving energy but I can’t imagine Guilin at night with cold Al Gore type lighting. It would have been a shame.

It makes me wonder about Disneyland. Is it all lit by led? Will Space Mountain have people dressed in black pushing it in the dark?


Because life can be difficult sometimes and something comforting eases it if only momentarily.


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