10 lbs, buzzes and stunt drinks


I had waay to much fun in New Zealand and Australia. Breakfast pie, bread and, you guessed the biggie to put on weight quickly-alcohol. In NZ, I suspect that in 2 weeks, I may have only put on about 3 since it’s incredibly difficult to get a buzz on.

C’mon-if alcohol gave us no buzz, we wouldn’t drink it, so let’s not lie to ourselves.

In NZ, I could swear I was in Salt Lake City. Outside of wine, getting a buzz is IMPOSSIBLE. A Bloody Mary is this horrible concoction of SWEETENED tomato juice and a half shot of vodka. Putrid. A Lemon Drop is HALF a lemon drop martini-again sickly sweet. I just stopped bothering with NZ “mixologists” until we got to Melbourne.

If you’re looking for a job, NZ is in serious need here.

Melbourne-a cool city that is what I imagine New York to be. All walks of life, all sorts of fashion and musicians. Finally, I instructed on how to make a screwdriver. 2 shots “with orange”.

Melbourne delivered on a gorgeous Saturday Spring afternoon at a swang, coolio patio overlooking the river.

3 nights of a good buzz and 7 lbs found my arse quickly.

Why did I not weigh myself to stave off the weight gain?

I wanted to let my mind really really relax and enjoy this party city. No other drug does that.

So, on day 3 in Melbourne, I stepped on the scale after a 2 week haitus.

10 lbs gained. 14 from “super doctor goal”.


I know how to get those pesky pounds off even more quickly now though.

Fasting and weight lifting.

Encouraged by a fellow blogger’s posts at simplelivingover50.com, I gave lifting weights a try yesterday.

Bonus weight loss!

Coffee in the AM,
Sensible lunch of protein and lettuce. (Here in Chonching, I got to inflict my Mandarin-squee!)
Oh, did I mention, we’re now in China?
There are even fewer food temtations here as long as I skip breakfast. The plum buns are hard to resist.

Weight lifting-not too heavy but “Body For Life” reps of 12, 10, 8, 6 alternating arm and leg machines.
Somewhat sensible dinner-meats and salad and M&Ms :9

They loooove to make toasts here at dinner. It’s adorable. I do love that part of the culture.
Some tips to avoid wine and drink in social situations (have red wine out, carry a glass around-it makes me sooo ill so easy to resist. Just bring it to my lips for toasts. No one is the wiser). At the bar, I order an Absolut citrus with lots of ice and again just bring it to my lips for the nice scent).

So, down 6 lbs in 3 days, 4lbs to go to be in maintenence zone again.

I realise I was rambling a bit, so a recap:
Day 1: Hell, coffee for breakfast and lunch. Your body will scream and cry and pitch a fit. Dinner of meat and water.
Day 2: Less hell: coffee for breakfast, salad and meat for lunch and dinner (watch movies on plane)
Day 3: Coffee for breakfast, late lunch of salad and some meat. Lift weights in reps of 12, 10, 8, 6. Dinner of salad, meat. Fake drink with wine to lips. Bar-absolut citrus to lips.
Day 4 plan: rest muscles. Coffee for breakfast, salve on ring finger (who got strangled and produced a blister from puffiness on plane), rest muscles, meat and salad lunch and dinner. Stunt drinks. A few M&Ms maybe.

I don’t necesarily recommend this yoyo approach, because the more you do it, the saggier your skin gets. It’s more for “oh God! I actually lived a little and must quickly over-correct to not have my wedding ring strangle my finger or my clothes not look like a sausage” type situation.

It may not be THE WAY but it is my quick and secret way that works for me.


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