To Butter with love



I absolutely love it. On nearly everything.

Not that horrible margarine or any other fake mass of yellow goop.

The real thing.

I’m thinking of a croissant this morning with SCADS of butter.

That creamy, salty feel between my teeth.

In fact, I may request butter of my dentist for any future teeth impressions. “Bubble gum? no, I’ll have the butter.”

Croissants and pasta are merely delivery systems.

I have been known to take a spoonful of just butter with salt and have my way with it.

“But what about cholesterol and heart attacks?”

The enlightened know that it’s the bread and pasta causing the harm from inflammation, not the butter.

Besides, life without butter is just not imaginable.

I must run now and go get that butter with a side of croissant.

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One thought on “To Butter with love

  1. Hi Janet, it is your little sister taking a few mn to read you…I loved this article, you should send it to thé people of Britany, West of France. This is thé country of butter…They even cook a creazy cake called kouign aman 100 per cent butter…..

    Hope we can show you that one day…Lové, Ann

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