Top 10 ways to make your econ flight luxurious


What can you do to make an economy flight longer than 2 hours more luxurious?

1. Buy Bose noise-cancelling headphones on eBay for around $149. If you have NOTHING else, this will protect you from screaming babies, incessant announcements, and a chatty pilot. “Eeeeehhh…weeeere at 30,000 feet…*breathing* and eeeerr..we got some cool clouds…and stuff…”

*if you can afford the plane ride and eating out, you can afford these. No whining. You will LOVE them. Put some classical or spa music on your phone or music player. Heaven.

Note- on Air Canada flights, you cannot use these upon takeoff or landing. You will get a swift “punch of the bracket” if you do.

2. Buy a small crossbody bag– Mine has been all over the world and is so handy. I love my Kipling that I got on clearance (pick one up on eBay) or check out Walmart. $10-$15. Guys, maybe a larger passport holder in black just around the neck. Great for ChapStick, a pen, tissues, lotion, passport.

3. Buy a used Tablet or iPad. Find an older wifi model on eBay or Craigslist. Download your fav show seasons (movies expire too quickly and the tablet holds a lot less movie content). Download some Overdrive or Kindle books too.

4. Get an aisle seat– most people keep the windows shaded with all the tablets now. You can zip to the bathroom nearly whenever you want.

5. Once past security, get bottled water, it could be hours before you get some (or more than just a sip). (You can’t do this on international flights from China).

6. Buy some compression socks. CVS will have some to keep your legs and feet from swelling. There have been times I forgot to put these on and I landed with Hobbit feet- less-than-cute at dinner. Also, bring some overnight thin cosy socks or booties that you can toss (the toilet floor gets EW! after some hours).

7. Lip Balm. The plane air is dry. Your lips will be grateful. My favourite is Hope by Philosophy. Discard after a cold.

8. Buy a cashmere scarf. EBay or Tradesy may be the way to go here. I got one as a wedding gift and it goes with me EVERYWHERE winter or summer. It can double as a blanket. Too spendy? Try a full pashmina– a great backup usually around $10-$15.

9. Buy some earplugs and a thin sleepmask for sleeping. Even a 20 minute doze will help you feel refreshed.

10. Drink coupons and snacks. Buy drink coupons for less on eBay. Have a few snacks like turkey jerky or almonds and brownie. If travelling internationally, you must eat all seeds, fruit and meat before entry into the next country.

*Don’t be shy. On “long-haul” flights, you can ask for some of the same amenities given in business class (Lip balm, lotion, comb, maybe some socks), definitely a pillow and blanket.

*Long-haul snacks: Available near rear of plane after dinner in the middle of the night.


One thought on “Top 10 ways to make your econ flight luxurious

  1. We almost followed all your advises on our US trips😉. I need to go to sleep…I havé school tomorow…..are you back home ?

    Mail me your answer. Your little sis from Paris

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