Free Home Depot Color App


Buyers have no imagination.

And some sellers have no taste.

Which is why I’m thrilled I found the lime green listing again 😀

The paint is awful but the views are stunning.

Paint is the cheapest way to vastly change a house from tacky to stylish.

The Home Depot Color HDC app allows you to visualise beyond bad paint.

1. Take a screenshot
2. Crop it in your fav photo editor (Aillis, Instapoint …)
3. Open the HDC app
4. Load the cropped photo
5. Paint everything a basic white for a blank canvas.

Lucky for me and you, you just have to swipe “paint” in the general area, the app corrects for edges and transparency.

Play with the colours. Popular kitchen cabinet colours that sell on HGTV’s show Flip or Flop are
*dark mahogany



Upcoming on Pinterest:
*Grey (this could be a passing fad like copper appliances)

Remember, in Real Estate, the money is made on the buy, so, a lime green kitchen could be a super bargain if you can visualise the potential.

The free Home Depot Color app can help.


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