Ruminant food


Remember the 1980s when pasta and bread were “in” and butter was the devil?

Fast forward 30 years and we’re beginning to learn that perhaps inflammation is the root of heart disease.

Last year, I got to see scans of Egyptian mummies aged 18-30 ish with tooth decay and arterial plaque. Their diet?

Fruits and grains.
Some fish

As humans, we tend to eat food that is cheap.

Grains are cheap.


I have been allergy tested and am allergic to rye, corn and most grasses.

What are grains?


Rhino food!
Horse food!

Is it possible we eat these out of habit? Custom? Perceived cost?

Let’s look at the cost of a grain breakfast vs a carnivore breakfast:

Bowl of cereal:
The realistic, pig-out version with Cocoa Puffs:

2C milk@4.49 gallon organic:$0.56
2oz by wt. cereal:$.49


Eggs and bacon:
Another “this is what I would really eat” version):

2 free-range eggs:$1.00
5 strips bacon@$0.14ea. $0.70

(Yes, I love bacon. This is is the precooked Hormel 72 pack).

Cost is not so different and the protein keeps me fuller longer and I eat less of the food.

Within an hour I would want another bowl of cereal.

People are beginning to realise that 1 size does not fit all. What food keeps you trim and that you think and healthy may not be good for me. My DNA may be well suited to butter and meat and yours to oatmeal or fruits.

In fact, I’ve noticed something in my travels over the last year. Visually, 20 pct of Americans, British and New Zealanders look overweight. I wondered, is this UK DNA plus inflammation at work here?

People in the past ate grains and meat. And I have many photos of both thin and fat ancestors.

Turns out, the Kiwis are wondering something similar about DNA and food with the Samoan population. A study to look at 600 Samoan people’s DNA is underway.


I’m curious to see what the results will be.

I do know that a high fat diet helped me lose about 40lbs and my cholesterol, BP and blood sugar is normal and the best it has been in 20 years.

Is there a “single” answer?

Probably not.

For now, pass the butter and salt please 🙂


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