Down under coffee dweeb


I thought I was getting the hang of coffee culture here.

Flat White – cool-espresso w cream
Long Black – cool -double espresso

Today, this bumbling American asked for a “big Black”.

” You sure you don’t mean an ‘Americano’?” asked the barista.

(coffee-flavoured water)

I wilted.

“Sorry. Long Black please.”

Recovery on the fumble!

The Long Black then arrived to swanky cool seating upstairs as pictured above.

With some kind of special sugar cube on the spoon!

I stirred that puppy in like a pro. Hmm..not so sweet. Nice. Sipping away…

Back comes the Barista with another Long Black in hand.

The “Report on the Americans” had come through via periscope apparently.

“Quick! Mark another tick on the Bungled-by-American coffee chalkboard!”

“Chef says you dropped your biscuit in the coffee by accident. Here’s a replacement. It’s a BISCUIT, not sugar.”


But grateful. Because. #extra wee cookie.

I feel I NEED another month here to really master ordering coffee.

It’s the proper thing to do.


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