Leave my pie alone.


Personal Capital.

They both use this “ring infographic” that my brain does not like.

The outside looks a bit like a pie chart but the middle is empty.

That bugs me.

Where the hell is my juicy pie chart?

I stopped using Mint because of the “ring”.

It makes no sense to my brain.

I would rather see this with red as the warning colour:


” You’re spending too much on clothes and not enough on cookie dough!”

To modify my behaviour.

The two categories are probably inversely proportional.

I see that in my pie chart.

But not in the “one ring to rule them all!” infographic.

For net worth, I use a spreadsheet once a year


I don’t worry about investments daily or need a pesky daily email to tell me “hey you spent A LOT at Forever 21 today, I think we should alert the authorities!”

Finance is BEHAVIOUR, not infintessimal musings and hand-wringing.

Keep it simple.

Keep the whole pie.


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