Real estate Endorsed Local Provider


My husband and I were wary of signing up for an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) in real estate but I have met and trust Dave Ramsey.

With retirement for both of us years out, would the agent be willing to work with us?

My goal was to get a feel for the Sedona market and create a relationship; have someone who knows Sedona to help guide us.

Besides, the calls would go to me if it turned into a high-pressure sales thing.

But it didn’t.

A nice young man phoned me and we discussed location, features, price range and how many years out we’re looking.

He set up an MLS online portal so that we could look at properties at our leisure and new listings come in all the time. It’s so fun to look at the properties and dream and talk about our dreams.

And yesterday, we received a little box with a thank you card and 2 brownies. Brownies are my favourite. The second one was in mortal danger around me.

Wow! It’s these little touches that make the difference.

He gets it.


It will make the difference when we go visit Sedona for a week or two to look at homes and get to know the area better next year.

This little link helped us make the dream more of a reality:


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