Stop the Panic about investments!


The media.

They should all be required to take a statistics class.

“The DOW is down!”

They don’t even tell you what this means.

It’s scaremongering nonsense!

The DOW measures only 30 of the largest stocks. Just 30 AMERICAN Blue Chips. And they are blaming the Chinese.

Whoopidty doo!

You may not even be invested in these companies, or if you are, it should only make up 25% of your investments.

A better indicator of the market is the S&P 500 index (Standard and Poor’s) that measures 500 companies.

If you Google the S&P, it looks as though the sky is falling:


But look at the scales.

The Y axis (up and down) goes from 1850 to 1950
and it’s measured on the X(left to right) axis over a just part of a day.

A day, people.

Let’s look at a LONG term performance:


This is a BLIP.

What did I do in 2008 when the market crashed?


Absolutely nothing.

And my investments came back.

I have studied advanced stats in for years.

The media have not.

And my investments will sit there another 20 years in the market.

C’mere journalist…

You need a slap!

And a math class!


2 thoughts on “Stop the Panic about investments!

  1. Hi big sistre….congratulations for this EXCELLENT article about finance. That is exactly what I explain to my colleagues all the time…..Bises. Ann

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