Staying young with music


A long time ago, on a TV far away, I could keep up with current music artists via MTV.

Remember when Music TV used to PLAY music videos?

I still love music videos.

But where the heck do you find the top 100 to watch?

An app?


Perhaps but there is extra content and commercials stuffed in there.

What if I want to watch them one after another?

And don’t want any country songs splashed in there?

Do I have to know all the artists a priori?


I read once that typing in an internet explorer address bar would work and it does on a phone or tablet but not on a TV.

Search for “billboard hot 100” plus the date like “Aug 2015“.

It will play the top 100 for the week one after another.

Sure you might have to wait through a short zit commercial every 2 videos but that’s okay.

You get to see what’s new and cool with music and video production (costumes, cinematography, makeup, choreography) right now.

I love our new generation of artists.

They make me smile and keep me young.

” Watch me whip, watch me nae nae..” by Silento’



*a word to the wise-only do this on your phone while connected to WiFi…it could cost you $ to stream over your cellular network.


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