Why I make room for the travel scale


A travel mini step-on scale. (Don’t search on “travel scale” or you will get scads of meat-hook things to weigh your luggage).

I bring a mini step-on with me when I travel. It’s too easy to have some of this and that and I can put on 8 lbs seemingly overnight.

On our Grand Canyon trip, I was afraid of what the bubble-wrapped oracle would tell me. So I just hauled it. When I got home, I was elated that only 2 lbs came back with me.

I remembered easily gaining 8 lbs on our honeymoon in 2013. All that Spanish bread and cava took its toll and ended up on my butt despite all the dancing and slurred-en-espanol matchmaking for youngsters I did in Almeria…

Similar story in Singapore -although I watched my food and walked all over the place, booze and dumplings did me in.

Ever since, I’ve been wary, and when I took the scale to China in June, I was so glad I did; I enjoyed great food but kept things in check and didn’t gain.

So now, a month of New Zealand, Australia then China. I’m so excited and can imagine the goodies that await:

The wine country
Red bean steam buns

Yeast yeast yeast.
And I’m so allergic to yeast.

In 2 years, when I’m desensitized to it, will I be able to have a glass of wine?

I hear the best coffee in the world lies ahead. I’ll try some with cream perhaps and have my stevia ready.

I want to experience it all but not bring back an extra 10.

In the words of the wise “taste everything (except carrots and Lima beans #ewgross) but eat nothing.”
B. Frankel “Naturally Thin”

Travel step-on scale is about the size of a tablet outside the box. Wrap it sans box in the middle of clothes with bubble wrap. Available at amazon.com


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