Organisation: Toss the dresser


Years ago, I folded the last pair of undies and tees.

(It’s my bike shorts in the photo just to spare you…).

I discovered that I could stop wasting time folding my underthings and just put the leg hole around the hanger.


Works for men’s too.

And all tees go on the hanger as well.

I had reclaimed my time and some floor real estate.

And wouldn’t you know, no sooner had I done this than my neighbor needed a dresser for her son, Jonathan.

Jonathan was 8 in a single-parent home and would oft help me with gardening.

God intervened here.

He asked about everything.

Dirt, worms, Easter.

I still have his cute colour papered note with sunflower seeds on it. I suspect he is a young man now about 20.

I did love being the “Easter Bunny” and “Santa” those years.


What about socks?

Ah. We do have built-in drawers for those but if I had no dresser?

A hanging shoe holder would work great. I used to use a hanging bin from Ikea (Fangst) in my laundry room or a “sock penguin” on top of the dryer.

‘Member him?


How much space and time would you free by putting everything on hangers?

Could something magical happen?



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