1 martini, 2 martini, morphine


After “making (goal) weight” at Dr. C’s yesterday, we celebrated at my fav restaurant.

Knowing that wine is uber fattening and allergy-inducing, I thought a martini would be a better option. Appletinis are too yummy and a bit weak.

A straight up, respectable martini would make me sip it.

(In Sinatra’s voice)

“Doll, you may be a part a dah ‘Brat Pack’, but ‘cha can’t hold ya liquah…”

I should have stopped at 1.5.

Our server, Paco, from Spain, talked me into the chocolate martini that he makes for his “novia”.

Horrible idea.

It tasted good and went down a bit too fast.

Suddenly, I felt like I was on a morphine drip and outta my mind.

With all my surgeries, I have been on a cadre of pain killers over the years. Morphine I.V. is the King of them with a side of fanged-ape and melting-wall hallucinations.


The only drug that comes close sans hallucinations is alcohol.

Lord, it is strong.

Valium and the oopiods don’t even come close. More akin to aspirin-meh.

I was once told that if alcohol had to be classed today, it would be a type III, controlled substance- up there with morphine.

I believe it.

Most of it has cleared my system and I feel like a college newbie skunked by making my own gin and tonics for the first time.

40 pounds lighter and not used to a daily dose of alcohol, I got whammied.

I have heard of the 45 minute delay with alcohol but now I truly believe it.

Moving forward, I now know my limits.
3 Appletinis
11/2 clean martinis.

Just because it is in liquid form and socially acceptable, don’t underestimate its power.

Feeling a bit crunchy today…


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