A year ago my life changed


1 year ago today was the biggest surgery of my life for endometriosis of the peritoneum -that membrane that holds your gizzards in.

Did you know that it grows back?

Neither did I.

It burns like bowling balls on fire in your abdomen for 11 months.

In addition to having that removed, I had a tummy tuck to get rid of my endo and wine belly that no amount of exercise or dieting could.

6 months of prep prior to and a year post op has taught me much.

The body I want comes at a huge price.

*The pain is indescribable

*If I want to lose weight, I don’t eat-it was the ONLY way to get all 40lbs off

*Having a glass of wine every night was a bad habit and put a lot of weight on me. Now it seems odd that I would have done that each night and expected myself to get up early each morning and commute and work a high-stress job

*I still have a knack for science and learning

*I am helping others with this incurable disease and with insulin resistance

*It feels amazing to have small  clothes fit well

*I am tough as hell

Today is weigh-in day with Dr. C, and just like a wrestler, I have done all I can to “make weight”.

I never thought I could get this close to the goal. A year ago it seemed impossible. And there were so many temptations and roadblocks along the way.

It isn’t over yet.

Now I’m at maintenance.

What will that look like?

How often can I have a martini?
How often can I eat a piece of bread?

How much do I need to exercise?

Will addressing my newly-discovered allergies by Dr. V. allow me to add back some foods?

I do know that I will need to bring the mini scale with me when I travel. It’s just one of my weapons.

It’s the next part of the journey and I will bring you along.

The Lord of the Rings, Return of the King.2003.Warner Brothers


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