Oh yea, Other people actually EAT


The other day I was running errands around 1145 AM and there were SO MANY PEOPLE out.

I thought “why is there SO MUCH TRAFFIC on a random Wednesday?

Then I remembered.


These people are EATING.

I’m about a month in to my fasting diet to reach my goal by this Thursday with Dr. C. My 1 year post surgery checkup. I think I will be very near the goal that day.

Down about 40 lbs.

What is the fasting diet?

No breakfast, no lunch, just ketogenic dinner.


Oh that sounds UNHEALTHY!

It might be if I was an 8 year old boy or a 20 year old athlete or pregnant woman but I’m not. I’m a 40-something woman with insulin resistance (IR) and so many allergies that I don’t need so much food.

I had allergy testing today. 200 shots people. One of them was cortisone, so insomnia…

And, hey, I wrote ” retired, writer” in the occupation box. It was so freeing.

The list of allergens was so long that I made a spreadsheet.

Dork alert!

I’m allergic to carrots-hooray I hate them. But I’m also allergic to my horse. 😦

And garlic. I really AM a vampire my husband pointed out. It all makes sense now…

My new allergy doc, Dr Vital, who was wonderful with compliments galore, hugs, and street cred handshakes totally got the whole issue with food thing and was fascinated by his new “specimen”.

He lost 50 lbs. with immunotherapy. He explained that one of his patients did gastric bypass to no avail.


“Once we get those under control, girl, you can eat more of these foods again (like broccoli -oh be still my heart). Even apples.”

Allergic to friggin apples.
And ant bites.
And cinnamon
And yeast.

Apple pie on a picnic with wine and I would blow up.

In the meantime, I stick to what’s working for me.

Fasting was hell at first. Life felt SO UNFAIR. But after a month it feels normal to me. I have energy and I don’t have an appetite during the day. I found that if I have breakfast, it “pops the appetite bubble” and I “need more more more food!”

“But breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”


I’m not 8. And I have IR and massive allergies.

Fasting with these conditions is actually beneficial. The body is not constantly bombarded with food and in a state of inflammation.

What do you do?

I drink black coffee. 2-3 cups in the AM and bring a cold drink with ice if I’m on the road running errands.

My current favs:
Filtered ice water
Fresh-squeezed lemonade with stevia
Diet Coke (I know this is bad for me, I’m not perfect).

I also take these supplements along with a gazillion others:
Jarrow’s NAC
Green coffee extract 800 mg

So there you have it – getting the last stubborn pounds off.

And the best part? Size small in clothes now and not cringing at photos of myself.

Life is not for wusses.

But I am grateful for kind doctors like Dr Vital who help along the way.

He even said I had Rosacea and Exzema that will clear up. “We’re gonna get your skin so clear it will look like BABY skin! You’ll look 20!”

I assumed he meant sans acne.

I hope he’s right.

I forgot to ask him if all these shots would fix my neck…


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