Are you a parent or a child? Put down the damn latte!


I’m outraged after reading this.

Latte and nails and no clothes for your child?

Are you KIDDING ME?!

Put down the damn latte!!
Clip off those nails!

Grow the hell up!!


2 thoughts on “Are you a parent or a child? Put down the damn latte!

  1. Another small anecdote to add:
    When I was an intern at “the company we’re both familiar with” I lived in a very modestly priced apartment complex near the office in Plano. I became friends with a leasing agent of the office. He spoke of one resident and her young son. They shared the tiniest 1-bedroom unit available. The young boy was forced to sleep on the couch. Meanwhile, the Mother drove a brand-new Mercedes-Benz, and would complain to the apartment office that their sprinkler system was spraying her car. And also complained that the Complex should pay for her car washes.

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