Reverse Shopping Day – “Pretty Woman…”


We all have that Julia Roberts’ fantasy- massive shopping with lots of bags…

Determined to clean out the clutter of clothes that no longer fit, I give you

Reverse Shopping Day!

Bags and bags of clothes off to Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet today.

I went to 2 Buffalo Exchanges and 2 Plato’s Closets (I have kind of made my peace with Plato’s). I knew to call ahead to each to see what items they were taking. Also, I put them on hangers first so that the buyer can quickly look through them.

In all, I made about $90 in cash. Not bad.

Then I needed to remove items or reduce prices on items in my closet on and cash in the $84 I had from PayPal to the checking account.

Boom! A near $200 day!

I did trade for 2 great dresses at Buffalo as exchange instead of cash. The styles and fabrics are hard to come by and one was half price. I think I’ll go back tomorrow and buy the grey dress I loved.

I slept on it and still want it.

I continue to simplify and love doing it.

Pretty Woman.1990.New Line Cinema


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