Cilantro seed ‘Remembrall’


My husband is so adorable. He would eat anything I ask him to. I am insulin resistant and have helped get him out of type 2 diabetes to the insulin resistant stage with my New Age food and supplement regimen.

The other day, I could not find any note paper. A seed packet was handy. I wrote a “note” on the back of a pack of Cilantro seeds labeled “LUNCH” in Sharpie so that he would not forget the meatloaf and snack lunchbag I made for him in the fridge.

I happened to be awake early that day, so I fixed coffee and set out the lunch next to his keys.

He picked up the seed packet and asked “am I supposed to eat these?”


“No, honey. It’s a note because I couldn’t find any paper.”(Like a Cilantro Remembrall).

Life is fun and funny with these little precious funny moments.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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