Meal Planning each week


I LOVE this cookbook that I bought on eBay. I knew about it from borrowing an e-book from the Overdrive app.

The meals are easy and fit our low-carb and sugar-free lifestyle, plus, in my mind, I am cooking in our new kitchen in Sedona instead of my downtown Houston galley kitchen.

I made Lemon chicken again last night with rave reviews from my husband.

I also made ice cream.

It was yummy and we didn’t need to eat much of it.

Next will be lamb burgers.

(Sorry lambs. I feel sad that I have to be a carnivore, but I’m not a voracious one. I don’t eat much.)

I’m enjoying this forray into cooking. It’s chemistry and planning sprinkled with love.

Starting the week perusing the cookbook was fun. I marked the 2 things that sounded achievable and tasty.

Monday, I ordered items on Costco via the Instacart app (hey, I’m not hauling 10lbs of onions in a heat index of 109F).

I will post the Ice Cream recipe when I have it perfected.

You can get this super book on eBay for around $10-15 USD.

Suzanne Sommers Sexy Forever Recipe Bible


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