Old lady breath


C’mon, you know what I mean.

That day it feels like something died in your mouth and it has “bouquet of nursing home” with a hint of “bandaid”.

Eau de Great Grammy.

I can’t believe you went there.

If you haven’t hit 40 yet, this is coming.

Your teeth become little hamsters that store food in gum and teeth in pockets you did not know existed.

Oh God. I still want to feel sexy and loveable.

Chappie not a bandaid hamstah!”

What to do?

A floss monster for years, I was desperate for a solution. For years, 20-something dentists would just say “floss more”. Ok, Skippy.


My new dentist suggested a water pick for sensitive gums but it seems to have a dual purpose-getting to those hamster pockets.

Waterpik. Giant water tanks of fun as a kid. Super Soaker, sibling squirter and mirror cleaner. Ah, the fun.

Today’s array of water flossers are quite cool.

Handheld miracles with a USB port for charging.


It’s affordable at about $35 at amazon, Walmart.. Soothing, fun, cleans my teeth like mad and I can travel with it.


Old Lady breath is a thing of the past!



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