“Must be NICE”


I want to write Miss Manners.

At least I think I do.

I’m still in a little bit of a conundrum when people ask what I do now and I don’t have my new business card with me.

The other night, my husband took me to the ER center because I was convinced that my eardrum had ruptured.

The doc examined my ear and assured me that it was just severe congestion.

He asked “what do you do?”

“Retired Geologist” I said, one ear working, the other whirring.

“Must be NICE.” he said in a jelly type way.

This overworked, haggard ER doc was probably all of 35. On his pallid face were all the long hours he had put in to be a doc just to work even more hours.

I didn’t go into the whole “endo disability” thing but this isn’t the first time someone has used this “oh, you eat bon bons and shop all day, you Kardashian” tone with me.

When that happens, I want to say “you would do ANYTHING NOT to have an incurable disease that puts painful lesions all over your insides, wouldn’t you?”

Partly to horrify, partly to inform.

But I don’t.

I’m thinking I could just say that I’m “medically retired” and only explain if asked.

It’s surprising to see a forty-something retired. Chris Hogan’s “retirement is not an age” is a fabulous quote but I lack the NFL stature and commanding baritone voice.

I should enjoy this kind of “getting carded”  because when they stop flinching…I might need a face-lift.

Must to remember to say “writer”,

I’m a writer.

Actually, in a doctor’s office setting, that could be fun- the doc not knowing I have an MS in science.

Ooo..an experiment….

Putting the parchment away for now….


3 thoughts on ““Must be NICE”

  1. When I’m dragged to “social” events by my significant other, I try my best to have fun. I’m no longer an engineer. I sell carpet and provide home inspection services.

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