Happy Parents


Last night was one of those perfect nights. My loved ones gathered around me on the patio of a Mexican restaurant, a warm breeze, happy and chattering in Espfranglish.

I felt like a happy hobbit in the Arizona Shire.

My mom had gone through such a sad time nearly 2 years ago with the long, painful death of Papi. Last night, she introduced me to her new companion and it was wonderful. He is funny, engaging, with a fabulous Texas gentlemanly lilt. He had lost his wife nearly 2 years ago as well.

My prayer had been answered.

Mom looked beautiful and glowy and the grave shadow on her face was gone.

It gave me such delight to see this and I thought “how could any child NOT be happy for their own parents?”

They are people too.

I have seen some adult children who are pouty and unaccepting.

I just don’t get that. That’s the way a toddler behaves, not a grown person who really knows what love is.

You do not dishonor the parent who has passed on, you honor them by continuing to love.

Love boomerangs back to you if you put it out to the universe.

Sour and pouty does too.

Last night, I realized that this perfect little moment had one thing in common- me.

And the love that I had put out there all these years came back to me tenfold.


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