What is the Martini Region of New Zealand?


Wine is fattening.

For me.

Cookie dough in a glass. Probably worse because it’s pure sugar without any fats or nutrients.

I met a woman recently who showed me how to put gummy bears in sparkling wine.

The horror!

My pancreas!

But I must say, I’m developing an affection for martinis. Specifically Appletinis with a bit of tart and sweet.

I can have just 2 and feel refreshed and buzzaroo and not get sick. It takes 4 glasses of wine to get me there and I get horribly sick.

I’m thinking that as I zero in on my weight goal, I may be able to have an appletini once a week.

There isn’t the cache’ that wine has.
No “caves”. No clever documentaries or difficult tests to take. No areas of Napa or New Zealand are famous for their Appletinis.

But there is the Rat Pack. And they drank martinis and were quite cool.

I do have a lot of Sinatra on hand and an entire Pandora station dedicated.

Would Frank have had appletinis?

Probably not but he might have said “Doll, drink what you like. It makes no difference to me.”


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