Labs like I’m 18 again


This past spring, I got the results of my annual labs for the health incentive program at my husband’s employer.

for a $100 gift card.

hmmm. what should I buy with my “blood money?”

I was amazed. For the first time in nearly 20 years:
*Blood Sugar normal
(the Berberine is working).

*Cholesterol normal (really?

Although the importance of these numbers has been debunked by now, life insurance companies still care.). I’ve been a high fat ketogenic diet of eggs, bacon, butter and fatty meats for over a year now.

BP 70/120

All systems young!

everything normal.

Numbers I haven’t seen since I was 18.

How could this be?

I had been at the same weight years before and my numbers were not so good. That’s when I was a weight lifter doing the ‘body for life’ protein and carb regimin and had a high stress job. I was in the middle of drilling a well and having wine at night.

High Cholesterol
Insulin Resistance

I had stress at 18 but I didn’t drink.
I used to be vegan but put on LOADS of weight.

That must be the difference.

My body is pre-diabetic (diagnosed when I was rail thin under influence of Grave’s disease but feveloped as a child who could not GET ENOUGH PASTA).

It’s also(I suspect) leptin resistant. It takes in alcohol and either tries to poison me with excess acetylaldehyde or makes brand new fat cells.


A built-in deterrent.

I thought I was doomed to bad blood levels for the rest of my life.

Or not being able to destress easily.

Not so.

I have blood levels of an 18 year old again.

I have learned new ways to destress:
*excercise schmexercise, of course, but also
*picking at my patio plants
*floating about in the pool

I had pictured a Somm-type life in my retirement years, being able to pick out fine notes in good wine. “ah, a starbright wine with hints of citrus and freshly cut garden hose…”

but no.

“this Boone’s Raspberry has hints of fatness, vomiting and bad health with overtones of bandaid adhesive.”


Life has her jokes to play…

Life:”So, your blood results and your abs will look 18.”

me: “ok, that sounds great!”

Life: “Sign here.”


3 thoughts on “Labs like I’m 18 again

  1. Woo Hoo! This should be cause to celebrate Suze. It is simply amazing that when we learn to debunk all of the lies that we have been told and take a course of action for ourselve!s we end up with days like these. You are Awesome!

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