Forget All Clad, get Tramontina pans!


Guess what?

You don’t need a $5,000 gas chef range and oven to make restaurant-quality meals. (it’s cruel of HGTV to make us think we NEED this kind of kitchen porn).

It’s all about the pans.

I have heard Teflon pans are not good for cancer prevention but some disagree. Since I follow Suzanne Sommer’s way of life and it has helped me, I may tend to side with her doctor’s opinion. Some say it’s okay below 464F. One cancer doc. in “Knockout” written in 2009 says harmful. The harmful chemical in question is harmful for those in manufacturing. It is being phased out by DuPont this year.

One doc I do trust is Dr. Weil-groovy Western plus alt scientist-advisor to Dr. Oz. A discussion here:

Regardless, one of my goals for 2015 is to master cooking fish like a restaurant. Teflon pans + unleveled crappy stove=uneven cooking.

“Reach for the stars!”

I know restaurant cooking does not involve teflon. It involves triple ply metal pans that can go from stove to oven.

“All Clad” brand is considered creme de la creme by most home chefs. They are triple metal with a copper core that cooks food beautifully and evenly. But they are EXPENSIVE.

Restauranteurs have a secret:
Restaurant Supply pans.

Tramotina brand.

I found the “Tramotinas” on amazon for cheap-an 8″ for $35 vs $75.

They are wonderful pans and cook restaurant quality food even on a crappy electric stove. I have a super electric range at the ranch but an uber crappy electric one at the condo.

You have to care for these pans just a little differently:
1. Cook on low-med. This gives a great browning of meat or creamy scrambled eggs.

2. After removing cooked food, put pan back ON STOVE.

“WHAT?! oh my LORD!””

3. The pan cools very slowly to get the metals to cool properly.

I’m sorry if you are OCD and can’t stand a dirty pan on the stove for a day or overnight.

4. Once pan is completely cool, put some soapy water in and let it soak more.

“dead on kitchen floor here. nooooo…”

5. The food will come off when rinsing and you can use a sponge scrubber if needed.

6. Put in dishwasher. Yep. It works.

I haven’t mastered fish but I have mastered brined pork chops. Insanely good, restaurant quality.


One thought on “Forget All Clad, get Tramontina pans!

  1. I will have to try this brand. I am always on the lookout for good cookware. I threw away the nonstick a few years ago. Love Dr Weil by the way!

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